The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Sound of Silence

“No One Dared…”

Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. ~ Matthew 10:28

As Oswald Chambers puts it, “The kingdom of God is within you,” uncompromisingly within you. We must never compromise with the kingdoms of this world; the temptation the Devil presents is that we should compromise…Jesus Christ is being dethroned in hearts, and Christian wit and wisdom are taking His place; consequently, when trials and difficulties come, most of us are at our wits’ end because we have succumbed to one or another of these temptations. And this…Until we have been disciplined properly by means of spiritual confusion we shall always want to bank on God’s miracles and refuse to do the moral thing ourselves.

Today’s writing is sandwiched between two very powerful truths. The top requires our wisdom, faith and discernment alone, to separate the sometimes from the other times. The bottom requires our wisdom, faith, discernment to rule our indispensable involvement, engagement, and participation. The tragic truth behind our entire western civilization on the brink of total collapse is that with precious few exceptions our churches, afflicted with terminal moral cowardice, have turned the sometimes into always above, resulting in the inescapable fulfillment of Plato’s dire warning below.

The funny thing is that the woman who posted the truth above is one of the most amazing and engaged patriot believers I know. Her efforts were hugely behind the victories of all seven “Parent-Choice” candidates in their respective BOE seats in all three of Warwick’s school districts this past May. And the very first thing that came to my mind when I saw her post was the name, Bonhoeffer. He faced the very same gathering storm and darkest hour we face today, and no doubt asked himself the same question Scott Kesterson made the focus of his show that same day, “Who will show up?”

The most powerful weapon on earth is sex. When you use sex as a weapon to a child, you will destroy a child’s life, MK-Ultra-control that child. That child will be a walking zombie when he or she is 18, 19, and will not fight for individual liberty or truth and justice for all, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, Constitution…they will not defend this nation. Why is that? Because when a human being is victimized sexually, they are like a turtle that pulls its head in its shell. They go into survival mode. “THEY” know this. “THEY” know this very well because Alfred Kinsey showed them this. “THEY” know. Hitler talked about this. “THEY” know if they can sexually compromise America’s children, they will become subordinate. They will not fight. ~ BardsFM, Who Will Show Up?

IFA will have a very special webcast on Thursday focusing on the epidemic of the sexualizing and transgendering of children. Hear from investigative reporter Brandon Showalter who has been at the forefront of investigating and sharing the horrors of this practice. We will also hear from a mother who is battling to have sexually-explicit books removed from her child’s school. And of course, we will pray together. Watch the webcast at or call in to pray by phone at (667) 771-7910 2452#. “The Cult of Sexualizing and Transgendering Kids” Pray With America’s Leaders…

The IFA event already took place. Sadly, the people who need to see it the most have been conditioned to tune out. God saved me from the church of indifference to public affairs in 2020. And coincidently the Regional Director of the New York Faith and Freedom Coalition will bring the Lord’s message to the church I am blessed to be a member of today! This morning! Hallelujah!

I know the suffering that is occurring in the churches of indifference to public affairs because they are my brothers and sisters. The irony of their suffering comes from the fact that contrary to the message our pastor brought last Sunday on the powerful truth of our required Christian suffering in exchange for eternal life, they have chosen to remain in what has been transformed into comfort stations of partial truths, void of Holy Spirit.  

Listen to the insanity the church of indifference to public affairs has invited upon us at the 20:15 min mark: BardsFM

Watch the heartbreak the church of indifference to public affairs has brought to bear: 60 days in a federal prison! For a non-violent first time offense of a 69 yr old grandmother with cancer!!!

As a guitar player myself, this one hit close to home… Guitarist Jeff Diamond: “People Have Got to Be Held Accountable for What Has Happened”
A week after his J&J shot, Jeff woke up from a coma to find out that he had eight fingers amputated after developing blood clots. “I want to get the word out. What has happened to me; I don’t want to see this happen to anybody else. I think it’s a crime what has happened.”

How is it possible for those of us indifferent to public affairs to hold public officials accountable?

So the old man in me wanted to write off the men’s group where we heard a shepherd suggest a couple of weeks ago to those struggling with homosexual children that God would accept PRIDE sin into the kingdom of heaven because we are living in different times, and not a one pushed back against the most blasphemous words I’d ever heard directly from a pastor’s lips. I thought, we gather each week to support each other, encourage, sharpen each other’s iron, and lift each other up. If I wanted to be dragged down into the dark valley of compromise and submission, I’d spend my mornings in any public education classroom! But then something came over me Thursday night, and I realized that was the enemy trying to talk me into doing exactly what I have been critical of the churches for doing…abandoning my post. I needed to confront them with love, and let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest…and He did exactly that! We need to be crystal clear about sin or there can never be unity in essentials. We need our brothers and sisters to see things as they are, to embrace the discernment above, and duty below, come together as the one body He made us to be, and hold each other accountable again. I can safely guarantee you that the 22 Christians this pastor encountered at the 36:00min mark have found it! ~  BardsFM

“Fools” said I, “You do not know

Silence like a cancer grows

Hear my words that I might teach you

Take my arms that I might reach you”

But my words like silent raindrops fell

And echoed in the wells of silence… Paul Simon

VERY Expensive!

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