The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Why Jesus Chose “Ekklesia”

While We Wait On God, God Waits On Us!

Jesus said, “I will build My church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”                     ~ Matthew 16:18

“The interesting thing here about the word translated “church” is that Jesus chose the Greek word Ekklesia. It was not a religious word, which was in keeping with Jesus’ general way of communicating. The words for church of that day were temple (hieron) or synagogue (synagogue). However, Jesus didn’t say, “I will build my temple.” Nor “I will build my synagogue.” He intentionally used a non-religious Greek word that was very well known in the context of civic duty. Ekklesia means a gathering of citizens called out of their homes into some public place of the council for the purpose of deliberating on public matters.” ~ Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow, RISE

The Enlow quote fits neatly between the safe harbor image today’s church can’t seem to find its way out of, and the uplifting message from a member of the Ekklesia who sent both to our group of folks who are very much engaged in the civic duty of deliberating on public matters.

Dear friends, I just want to take a moment to encourage everyone who feels deflated, who feels as though they have nothing left to give, who feels like the fight is just too big. I think it’s important to remind ourselves that fear never comes from God nor does discouragement. We are in unprecedented times, and I truly believe that God is going to move mightily through His people.

Would you join me today in consciously releasing any fears, any discouragements into the hands of our Almighty God and loving Heavenly Father?

Would you join me and asking him to fill us with the kind of courage that he filled the hearts of the giants of the faith, who were nothing more than we are mortals just as we are? The courage of David, the courage of Esther, the courage of Daniel…

 May we all be living sacrifices willing to pour our lives out for the cause that is close to HIS heart, for advocating for the vulnerable, for fighting for truth , for protecting our children and viewing the well-being of every man, woman and child as our solemn responsibility as believers.

The time to dig in and run hard is now.

I believe God will reveal to each and every one of us what role He has us to play in bringing this state to Him and pleading for His healing over our land. I pray that we will all have hearts open to what He is telling us to do and the courage to step forward.

od promises that His mercies are new every morning and that He will renew our strength as the Eagles. I pray that we will lean into those promises today and feel the wind returned to your sails.

For the state I love,


I see a lot of amazing and courageous women in the fight. Christian men? Few and far between, and don’t the devil know it! It is how he is able to do the evil he does. He is poisoning the minds and bodies of these little ones while sexually grooming them right under their noses knowing full well they lack the moral courage to come out of their safe harbors to put an end to it.

Moral Courage ~ Inaction or action taken based on what’s right, regardless of the consequences.

Moral Cowardice ~ Inaction or action taken based on anticipated consequence regardless of what’s right.

Scott Kesterson, as usual, did a GREAT job calling out the missing Watchmen on his show the other night. You want to know what I have observed over the past two and a half years? The most troubled, hurting, broken, fearful people I know are those in the safe harbor churches, indifferent to public affairs. Largely, I believe, due to the fact that the captains of their ships have made a 501©3 deal with the devil…and it has cost them and every soul on board BIG. It cost them the divine healing and regenerative power of the Holy Spirit.

That’s OK…God will do amazing wonders with the Abby’s and his remnant Ekklesia, who know no other way to go…

When you come to work for Jesus Christ, always ask yourself, “Do I believe Jesus Christ can do anything for that case?” Am I as confident in His power as He is in His own? If you deal with people without any faith in Jesus Christ it will crush the very life out of you. If we believe in Jesus Christ, we can face every problem the world holds. ~ Oswald Chambers, He Knew What Was In Man

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1 Response to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Why Jesus Chose “Ekklesia”

  1. Jenni Matos says:

    Boy do we need this encouragement to get out & not give up and Stand! Declaring His truth to the next gen🙏💕💙🇺🇸

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