The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Protect & Defend”

Serving God, Defending Liberty

And all Israel heard of the judgment which the king had rendered; and they feared the king, for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him to administer justice. ~ 1 Kings 3:28 from John C. Maxwell, Become a Momentum Maker

This has been one of the most transforming and rewarding weeks of my life. It began with a 4-day Reclamation of America Conference in Maryland and ended with a sixty-car End the CCP rally in Mt. Hope, New York. In Maryland we learned from the intelligence experts of Unconstrained Analytics what we’ve lost and how we lost it…exactly as KGB defector Uri Bezmenov warned us it would happen in 1993! (listen at the 8:24min mark) MOST importantly in Maryland this week…we learned how to stop it. God is turning the enemy’s active measures into desperate measures as we saw demonstrated this week in Mar-a-Lago. If you listen to Nancy Pelosi’s crazy explanation of the Mar-a-Lago raid as an attempt to “Protect & Defend” the American People (at the 16:05min mark) you begin to realize we the people have the momentum and they know it! Their “concern as always” is to defend and protect themselves. Anyone who believes otherwise at this point in time, I’ve got another “vaccine” from Fauci to sell you!

They may have killed the father of Unconstrained Analytics, American patriot Rich Higgins who was one of three advisors to President Trump fired by the traitor H.R. McMaster for attempting to warn our President of the infiltration into his administration by Radical Islam and Cultural Marxism, but they only fueled the momentum of the Reclamation of America movement under the banner Serve God, Defend Liberty. Sixty-plus cars of American and Mt. Hope Chinese Association patriots carried that momentum across the western half of Orange County yesterday, rolling out the pure evil of the Chinese Communist Party for all to see. We truly have God’s wind in our sails. On the other hand, the CCP is losing its grip on their own. Unfortunately for Xi, many Chinese youths are jumping ship. They seek something more than his “high ideals.” Many young people are well educated, and some work high-paying jobs. However, the pressures to survive in a highly competitive workplace have taken their toll. Many people just want out.”

“Narratives” are the tools of the devil. We gave the enemy power by buying into them, accepting their lies, and speaking their language. Those days are over now as the sleeping giant is finally opening his eyes. The enemy wants us in the binary bi-polar battlespace he created. God’s power is unlimited and multi-dimensional TRUTH. So, while they desperately work to goad us into a civil war so they can call in their blue helmets, we will apply ALL of our energy, love, and passion for building and executing our plan to serve God and defend liberty. Let us pray!

Father, we pray against any and all plans of the enemy to implement tyranny in our nation. Preserve our freedoms, God, as laid out in our founding documents. Amen

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Protect & Defend”

  1. Ant says:

    Well written brother, I appreciate your zeal for our heavenly Father and His Son, our LORD, our Savior, our King – Jesus who truly is the Christ.

    Thank you for your words!

    In His unconditional and infinite love,
    Anthony Ciro DiLullo

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