The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Dry Nets

I will make you fishers of men. ~ Mark 1:17

“Cast the net on the right side of the boat and you will find a catch…tend My sheep…someone else will gird you and bring you where you do not wish to go…Follow Me!” ~ John 21:6,17,18,19

In this week’s Prayer & Fast Wednesday invite, the question was raised, “How did we get from there to here?” The foundational starting point of the Family State, as ordained by God and organized by Moses in Numbers 2:34, is the “there” being referred to. “Here”, it grieves me to say, is a place often referred to as the Nanny State. Yesterday, He answered the question for us in Dry Nets.

Dry Nets ~ CM 7/30

A fisher of men I was commissioned to be by the Lord of the Heavens and Commander of the Seas. To wrestle with pirates for the souls of good men, an unusual calling for unusual men with a certain yen and mindset you see, to put thee before me and Him before us, lest dreams become prisons of ashes and dust.

But then I forgot as men tend to do, I turned away from Him and put me before you. The nets I maintained as all fishermen do, illusions of the present are but ghosts of the past, two generations since these nets have been cast. The moral of the story, better sooner than late, the repentance of one fisherman who himself took the bait…

My Father I have sinned and fooled only me, by fishing in deserts away from the sea, I trolled for world treasures, for comfort and ease, ‘til the din of death’s doldrums drove me to my knees, when in my last hour I heard Him say, “Cast Your Nets, Cast Your Nets, Cast a lifetime for these… Dry Nets, Dry Nets catch only a breeze.” Then He showed me a picture of what it had cost, by casting in deserts and the souls I had lost.

The first person in Dry Nets is the church…which is every one of us as Christians. We are the body (Ecclesia) of Christ, His church. The day that will dawn for every last one of us will bring the question, “Why are your nets dry?”

I will stop here to give you time to listen to what may be the most fascinating and revealing interview I have ever listened to. Dr. Carrie Medej is one of the most outspoken and courageous doctors speaking out against the greatest evil that has ever darkened the door of all humanity. On June 27th, in what I believe was an attempt to silence her, she miraculously survived a small-engine airplane crash. What you are about to hear is her amazing account of the crash she herself survived, but far more importantly, the crash that we are about to experience as passengers of a societal aircraft that has been piloted by a “death cult” for two generations of Americans, and arguably long before that. I think, after you have listened, you will agree that our ONLY chance of survival is for the church to come back together again (John 17:21), wet our nets and cast them on the right side of the boat. Amen?

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