The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 5th, 2014

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend! I remember a saying I grew up with that we don’t hear anymore. “Above reproach” was the expression used when referring to a person most worthy of high office or position because of the content of their character. Today’s tune-up didn’t come to me until late yesterday afternoon when I came across this release from Judicial Watch: Washington’s 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in 2013

  Corruption is the Absence of God

Disdain, disappointment and despair. These are the natural feelings of most conscientious Americans who fathom the content of character of these 10 Americans who wield such enormous power over their lives. There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that this sorry state of ruling rabble becomes even more unbearable when you examine the likes of Senators John Boehner and Harry Reid next to their early predecessors, Senators John Quincy Adams and Daniel Webster. The good news is that when we examine them in this light we understand what has become broken. When we understand what has become broken we can concentrate on fixing it.

While our physical world has changed dramatically since the early 1800’s, our spiritual world and the very nature of man himself has not. The police blotter reads today as it has for the past two thousand years! It’s really quite simple when you get down to it. What possessed Adams and Webster so richly that looms so largely absent in their modern counterparts? Both Adams and Webster literally sacrificed themselves and their political fortunes on the altar of freedom. Had Adams not answered his conscience to throw in with Jefferson, there might not have been a USA west of the Mississippi. And Webster slit his own political throat to save the Union! Who are Boehner and Reid in the light of such men, but vacuous shadows? Worse, they are black holes in the constellation of men…sucking the very energy, light and life from all that surrounds them.

Interestingly, I owe my new-found appreciation for Adams and Webster to John F. Kennedy and my step-daughter Grace for the Christmas gift of Profiles in Courage…written and published before Vatican ll.

Life is comprised of the following three ingredients God, man and free will. Relationship is the recipe. Man is blessed and burdened with the free will to determine his relationship with God as well as his fellow man. Notice I used the word with instead of to. Man cannot deny his relationship to God any more than I can deny my relationship to my own hand. The Atheist denies his relationship with God of his own free will.

The sextant is the navigational instrument used by seamen for hundreds of years based completely on relationship. By calculating our relationship to the position of the stars we are able to determine where we are as well as where we need to go. If we have only the stars and ourselves without the recipe of relationship, we are lost at sea!

It is no accident or unrelated anomaly that the character of men profiled by Kennedy was developed pre-Vatican ll. Jesus gave us his Catechism of and through the Sacraments in order for us to find, to have, to hold…and to track our relationship with God! As a recent convert to the Catholic Faith I am struck by two essential tracking components that seem to have gone missing on this side of the Vatican ll Council;

  • The Sacrament of Confession
  • The Awareness of Satan

I cannot see inside the minds of men, but any objective person can know a lost ship of fools when they see one. I don’t have to see inside the hearts of that Council to know the treacherous waters that lay outside the sea lanes, unbound by true confession…or who it is in fact, our Top 10 have sold their souls to. Wolves…every single one…at our throats by the shepherd’s neglect! We must fix it or we will find ourselves on the rocks…if we’re not there already. Where else would we find harnessing a horse as something inhumane and crushing a prenatal human to death perfectly acceptable?

I truly am sorry for bringing us to this harsh reckoning in the first Tune-up of 2014, but here we are. We know what is broken! We need to concentrate on our relationship with God. If we’re fortunate enough to have found the right shepherds where we are, wonderful! If not, find them. There is nothing in this world that could be more important at this place in time. May God Bless us all in this New Year!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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