The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ May 31, 2015

The Wolf in Catholic Clothing

The Wolf in Catholic Clothing

“Having a president who displays indifference, if not outright hostility, toward the core teachings of Christianity is dangerous for the future of this country.” ~ Bob Unruh

The most difficult thing to do in life is stand when everyone else is on their knees in collective submission, and speak while every other voice is uniformly silent. The only thing capable of empowering rational men to do so, is something we use to call conscience. Conscience may be unplugged, but it can never be fooled. The heart knows an attack on the Church the fool will not see! Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

Let No Man Put Asunder!

Following Ireland’s national referendum on same-sex marriage, Gary DeMar writes, “They’ve only just begun. Any word of dissent will be smashed. It’s already happening. Anybody refusing to acknowledge the moral legitimacy of same-sex sexuality will be crushed.” Good people in Ireland and America being “smashed” and “crushed” for defending their faith, and “forced” to participate in acts that violate their religious freedom. Since when do the qualities of “inclusiveness”, “fairness”, “equality”, and “compassion”, smash, crush, and force the people who resist them?

We are witnessing the prelude to tyranny. There’s no memory on earth shorter than the one possessed by the historically feeble mind. We are ALL on the most well-worn trail in history to the darkest form of suffering of the powerless at the hands of the powerful and immoral statists and corporate elitists tightening their grip on power and control…in the name of goodness. It is the “Kerry Catholics” like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who are responsible for court-martialing Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling  and demanding the same for General Craig Olson for the crime of drawing their spiritual fortitude from the biblical well. As Tad Cronn so aptly puts it, “Pelosi is Catholic the same way that Lucifer is an Angel.”

It is all so obvious, a three-year-old could see. The problem is that most three-year-olds don’t have the power to audit you, levy your income, seize your assets or throw you in jail…for refusing to bake a cake on demand! As someone who knows what it means to be Catholic in body and soul recently put it…

I am reminded of Solzhenitsyn:

“You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”

The question remains, who will stand for Truth? One does not have to strain to see the tide turning. What is in the heart of the new parish priest at St. Stephens who turns away from his spiritual vow to seek physical security in the safe harbor of political correctness…or the Pepsi executive who holds onto his pension more dearly than his rosary? Have they forgotten Solzhenitsyn, or do they simply lack his courage? If you dare to think for a single second that none of this concerns you, think again. We are, each and every one of us, at the line. Choose wisely Dear Friend! Know in your heart what an entire nation has just “put asunder”!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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