The Bob Schieffer Bow: Not so Fast Bob!

Fool the Nation & Face the Fools!

Fool the Nation & Face the Fools!

Bob Schieffer (Face the Nation) who finally bowed out on Sunday was honored with great fanfare, accolades, and teary-eyed-tributes for what exactly?  At best, his “46 year career” boils down to 40 years of questionable work and six years of deserting his post! If I were Bob Schieffer, I would be stocking my moat with extra big gators as his Fool the Nation viewers begin to put two and two together! Just as I find it so interesting that America could produce such different characters in Barack Obama and Ben Carson, I wonder how the same Texas could give us both a Chris Kyle and a Bob Schieffer. From America, one man came to divide and conquer, the other to heal. From Texas, one loyal American came to protect and defend. The other, loyal to the divider’s agenda, came to deceive and distort…one now dead, while the other slithers off into the sunset to live high on the hog.

Howard Kurtz gave Schieffer a Texas-sized grilling the other day. He made him squirm a wee bit with direct questions like, “Don’t you think you guys dropped the ball as journalists for being too easy with Obama?” In covering Cronn’s take on Pelosi’s relationship to the Church in Sunday’s Tune-up, I should have written, “Pelosi is Catholic the same way that Lucifer is an angel…and Bob Schieffer is a journalist!”

Speaking of God, imagine the judgement that patiently awaits the divider and deceiver compared to the heavenly welcome the healer and protector can expect! I watched the two Sunday Morning CBS news chicks giggling and fawning like high school girls over the man who heard no evil, saw no evil, and spoke no evil from the most critical post on the watchtower as evil destroyed the integrity of the borders of his own state, decimated the American economy, assaulted religious freedom, violated the 4th Amendment, corrupted our system of government and the entire political process; turned our cities into combat zones, our criminals into victims, and our police into villains; appeased our enemies and deserted our friends and allies while he, America’s “newsman” Bob Schieffer, airbrushed it all, covering up the tracks of the perpetrators.

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza challenged us to imagine a world without America. Bob Schieffer gave us an America without a truly independent free press! You see, without free press psychotic fools will“The real lesson from Europe is actually the opposite of what conservatives claim: Europe is an economic success, and that success shows that social democracy works.” …blather on unchecked. Un-exposed “puppet-masters” will continue to wreak havoc and global chaos. And the biggest crooks will continue to elude capture!

Stanley Fischer is 100% right about people needing to go to jail. But before we get to the bankers, why don’t we pause to take a long hard look at the very 1st domino in any (formerly) free society, the “newsman”? Mark my words, history will come to know what too many of us have failed to see precisely because of people like Schieffer, Williams, Stephanopoulos, Sawyer, Scarborough, Kroft, Crowley and on, and on, and on! Why in the world would we ever give them pensions and accolades, when what they’ve earned are the darkest dungeons imaginable? #WakeUpAmerica!


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  1. Chip Murray says:

    This is what happens when “journalists” abandon their posts! …or worse, they take sides!

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