Dolezal Syndrome Reveals Slippery “Liberal” Slope Sickness of Our Culture

“Because its a little more complex..”

I do take exception to that, because it’s a little more complex than me identifying as black or answering a question of ‘Are you black or white?’”     ~ Rachel Dolezal

Of all the wild and whacky headlines competing for Drudge space and a precious sliver of our shriveling attention spans, there are none more rich with evidence of how lost, sick and depraved we have become as a society than the Rachel Dolezal story! In 1961 a white man named John Howard Griffin (1920-1980) underwent a medical procedure to darken the pigment of his skin in order to better understand the black experience. He wrote a bestselling book about it titled, “Black Like Me”, for which he received well-deserved praise and acclaim. He was a “journalist”. Rachel Dolezal is a “liar and a thief”…and a “con-artist” to boot!

In an interview with MSNBC, Dolezal denied being a con artist while insisting she’s being true to herself after having been “socially conditioned (to) be limited to whatever biological identity was thrust upon me.”

Conservatives have seen this coming since the early days of the same-sex-marriage debate, but the radicals have succeeded in neutering the populist voice with their homophobic water cannons…and so now, here we are…occupying the primary address of insanity! The mainstream radicals have finally managed to turn the most concrete truths (unfairly “thrust upon them” through “social conditioning”) into the unidentifiable mush of formless subjective rot. Lauer interview transcript here.

We’re a zillion miles from Kansas Toto! These are much different and far more dangerous times than John Howard Griffin ever imagined. Different because those who control the narrative marginalize straight shooters while elevating the liars, thieves and perverts to altars of praise (and book deals). Dangerous because if Bruce Jenner can be a woman because he feels like one, then how could we not permit Rachel Dolezal to be black for the very same reason?

There are some who refer to Liberalism as a “mental disorder”. I respectfully disagree. I believe that Liberalism is a natural phase of self-discovery. It only becomes a mental disorder when we refuse the cure once we’ve discovered it! The cure is Conservatism. One need look no further to comprehend the difference between the Liberal and the Conservative mind than to observe and understand their relationships to the natural world. The Liberal mind imposes its order on the natural world, while the Conservative mind derives its order from the natural world.

I attended a presentation on “Forgiveness and Breaking the Cycle of Violence” night before last. It helped me to realize that Liberalism has become the safe harbor for every psychosis on the planet, and the home of deeply held angers and resentments…including the cultural phenomena of white guilt. Conservatism is a much harder sell…even in the face of Liberalism’s destructive failings! But it is the only path for the moral man. “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” ~ Ecclesiastes 10:2

Fathers who do not impart this most simple of truths to their sons will end up saying of their sons — like Marcus Aurelius says of Commodus to Maximus — “Commodus is not a moral man.” Could a father suffer a greater sadness than to say those words of his own, that he is not a moral man, that his own son’s faults are his failings as a father? ~ Michael Voris

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2 Responses to Dolezal Syndrome Reveals Slippery “Liberal” Slope Sickness of Our Culture

  1. mike says:

    Again I state the obvious, we have lost our moral compass. We as a people must understand that nothing is perfect. We must understand that not every idea by a liberal or socialist is wrong simply because of who suggested it. We must understand that liberalism or socialism in its best form is far worse than conservatism at its worst. By making family and morals impudent you destroy society. We must educate and elect those who are not afraid to state the truth. We must understand that those who stand for the core beliefs of our nation stand for law and society. Yes law! We have seen how many of our current leaders think they know more because they may simply have a piece of paper that says they are graduates of this or that school. While education is necessary, it does not give anyone a crystal ball of knowledge. Socialist have no moral compass, they believe in socialism. That ideology is warped in reality. Read their books or handouts, sit, reflect on their words and thoughts. Then think how it has all changed in the last 100 yrs. Ask yourself this, are we as moral as we use to be. Don’t be fooled by those who say well civil rights are better so see liberals made it so. Democrats were against civil rights back in the day. Now they want credit for what they did not do. Republicans and conservatives stood and stand for equality of opportunity. Socialist and liberals say we should be color blind to everyone. Fine, but then why are there quotas for everything from jobs to beliefs. Are we all morally equal and have equal chances. By our standards we should be, but by theirs we are not till all “numbers” are equal across the board. Morality is excused because of someones upbringing. Does that sound right? I say NO. We are all responsible for what we do. Morally speaking…

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