“Americans No Longer Believe” and Why We Need To

Wormtongue (Obama) has the King's (American People) ear!

Wormtongue (Obama) has the King’s (American People) ear!

The first real song I ever wrote, sang, produced and recorded is linked at the end of today’s post. I was 46 years old when I wrote it after a very special person said to me, “You could do this” and I believed her. Her touch and words ignited something in me that had lay dormant for my entire life was now awakened, freed and ready to fly! I hadn’t sang publicly since John Morris and I sang “Gloria” for 500 fellow scouts at a jamboree in ’67, and since the moment she flicked my “belief switch” I’ve written and performed dozens of songs for hundreds if not thousands of people, appeared on national stages and in national publications…I even made Breitbart! So when I saw the Mac Slavo piece, “The System Is Broken”: Americans No Longer Believe In Its Institutions up on Zero Hedge, all I saw was Americans No Longer Believe.

  • Only 8 percent have confidence in Congress, down by 16 points from a long-term average of 24 percent – the lowest of all institutions rated.
  • 33 percent have confidence in the presidency, a drop from a historical average of 43 percent.
  • 32 percent have confidence in the Supreme Court, down from 44.
  • 28 percent have confidence in banks, down from 40 percent.
  • 21 percent have confidence in big business, down from 24 percent.
  • 24 percent have confidence in organized labor, down from 26.
  • 24 percent have confidence in newspapers, down from 32 percent.
  • 21 percent have confidence in television news, down from 30 percent.
  • 52 percent of Americans […] are confident in the police [57 percent historically]

What I’ve learned through my own personal experience and observations as a passionate student of history, is that fear is conquered when we believe. When people united in belief behind moral leaders committed to Of the People, By the People, For the People, America began her ascent. But think about it…we who were conceived with the whisper, “You could do this” have been lulled into limbo by the voice, “You didn’t (build) this” implying we need him to do it for us…much the same as the King of Rohan came under the spell of Grima Wormtongue. This is why I love people like Ann Barnhardt. Their brazen courage, fierce honesty and directness pierce the veils of illusion like a laser beam. They are the spell-breakers, which of course makes them the targets of Saruman. But how do you not love the woman who writes “Let’s eat Grandma!” or, “Let’s eat, Grandma!” PUNCTUATION. SAVES. LIVES…to illustrate her point. And how about this Barnhardtism for Americans living under Wormtongue’s spell, “Stepford Baptized Pagan-zombies”??? It’s the same reason we love “The Donald” as candidate for President. Not necessarily as the person we would elect to the highest office in the land, but as the one person on the national stage who has the ability to raise the bar above the PC Spell we’ve lulled ourselves into…God willing! I Believe 

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  1. mike says:

    I have the solution! Elect a firefighter! I will be happy to accept the nomination. I mean we are trusted, and maintain duty, honor and service to others as part and parcel of our being. Now, this may sound silly on the surface, but at least we are starting with someone who has the foundations we need in a leader. All the rest can be learned with the proper help from others with like minded beliefs. I will start with the Constitution as the guiding document on the limits of government. Then I will assure the rules, laws and truths we hold as self evident shall be returned to their original standards. Without standards we all lose. I am no Trump, but I will put America and her citizens, above the foolish pacifism which cripples our Nation at this time. I know we can do better, and we will. At least I have Loved my country all my life . Not just recently. Yes we have faults, but I am not ashamed of them, never have been, Never will! Yes Virginia, we can have a President who will do for right US! Hey ya never know…

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