The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ All in the Family

As True now as it was then…

Beauty is the perfection of order and symmetry, and as such is a primary source of holiness. This basic truth can be seen by any Christian believer or any person of good will. And yet, such a claim is regarded as peculiar in contemporary Western societies because of something Saint Paul unmasked, namely, the “great exchange” of divine glory for the fallen things of this world. (cf. Romans 1:18-24) ~ Fr. Jeffrey Kirby on the Beatitudes

Most of us have a fond childhood memory. Mine was the Sunday ritual of gathering in front of the TV at night over popcorn and fresh apple cider from Tice’s Farm with my mom, dad, and two sisters to watch the Wonderful World of Disney. America, generally speaking, was one big happy family in those pre-Viet Nam days. Even Edith and Archie would croon in the not-to-distant-future, “Those were the days” about such days long gone.

What has happened to Disney’s “Wonderful World”, everyone (with a functioning brain) wants to know? The American Family image shaped by celebrities such as Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Doris Day, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock…has been displaced and dare-I-say decimated by the more dysfunctional family of Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Meryl Streep, Harvey Weinstein, Roseann Barr, and Quinton Tarantino.

I guarantee most, if not all, of you reading these words has experienced some level of family-destruction because of alcohol addiction. And most all of us know, there is no organization more effective in helping those who suffer this affliction to recover their lives, and the loving support of the families they would otherwise have lost, than Alcoholics Anonymous. And yet, we have a group of people in Warwick who promote themselves as a “Community Center” who evicted AA from their tax-payer-funded facility, while welcoming and promoting an LGBT “Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Pride” event! The once referred to as moral of the story? Those who invoke God’s love to save families are NOT WECOME. Those who insult and reject God’s love to re-engineer and redefine “family” as part of their Cultural-Marxist agenda are welcomed and celebrated.

It’s tragically ironic to me that the man, Norman Lear, who brought us All in the Family has contributed so significantly to its downfall. In today’s TCT message on the eight Beatitudes and the “great exchange” Fr. Kirby writes, “In such societies, people are fragmented, institutions of belonging are redefined, and essential sources of identity are clouded. This leads to widespread social ills, from an epidemic in pornography, widespread opioid abuse, to an increase in suicide rates.” There is no target more prized by the “Progressive” Left than the traditional American Family. None. I am in the middle of reading the book “Sustainable” by Tom DeWeese. In it he lays out “the complete transformation of human society” engineered and orchestrated, top-down and inside-out by the United Nations. In it, he describes how all the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Partners are picked in the most diabolical scheme ever devised to eliminate free enterprise, private property, and individual liberty on every square inch of planet Earth. I am reading this book and working with a team of God-fearing patriots to educate our friends and neighbors to the FACT that the very same group of people who evicted Alcoholics Anonymous from our community center, are the very same people who have turned our town supervisor and village mayors from public servants into accomplices in the most un-American comprehensive plan ever devised…UN Agenda 21. Just as Tom DeWeese predicted, I showed up to question them at the unveiling celebration, only to be summarily ridiculed and dismissed. The supervisor became angry with me when I pointed out to him that the architects of the “Visioning” process left Churches and God out of their “stakeholder groups” which included every other civic institution and organization…schools, libraries, chambers of commerce, etc.

The UN has a lot of friends in Hollywood…perhaps none greater than Disney’s Bob Iger, or the infamous propaganda tool known as SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) who only exist to demonize all who defend the traditional values of Western Civilization, namely God, family, and in our case, the United States Constitution.

But we my friends have God:

And so, whether “received” or not, the Beatitudes, and the entire body of moral truth, offer the human family another way, a more excellent way, of love. It’s a way that is difficult and marked by toil and struggles. It’s rejected by many. But it’s one that leads to true peace. And the hearts that receive it – and labor to live it – find holiness and the joy of life in God. And they’re the ones whose righteousness ends up converting and changing the world.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ All in the Family

  1. D. says:

    They kicked out Alcoholics Anonymous! That is shocking. Does it have anything to do with the fact that one of the founders was a Christian Minister? A premise underlying the process of recovery is acknowledging a “Higher Power.” Even though one is free to acknowledge any power that you want, It is clear that the power referred to is the Judeo-Christian God. Would hurting people who are struggling with alcohol be okay to this group if it served the greater good of kicking God out of all the solutions to our problems? Just trying to figure this thing out,

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